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Kiernan Michelle Photography Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles

Hello! I’m Kiernan. I’d love to be part of your wedding day!

I am originally from the East Coast but moved to Southern California at a young age and have stayed here ever since! One of my favorite things about this area is getting to be close to the beach and to the mountains. When I am not shooting you can find me hiking a new trail or finding unique and crazy food at a new spot in LA. I have always been creatively inclined and greatly enjoyed drawing and photography when I was younger. I would take pictures of anything and everything and made my siblings pose for impromptu photoshoots all the time. I attended Brooks Institute for Photography which really helped me to hone my already existing skill and to learn about how to create technically correct photographs. I originally started out in the fashion photography world but fell in love with wedding photography when I had the opportunity to capture a close friends’ wedding. There is something really magical about getting to capture something so meaningful like the grooms face when he first sees his bride, gets me every time. I feel so lucky that I get to do something I am passionate about every day and get to make a living out of it. I like to give back by using my talents at animal shelters. I take the time to play with the animals and get photos of them when they are the most comfortable. I love being able to help these animals and recently was able to get a dog that had been at a shelter for 7 years into a loving home, all by capturing their personality in a photo. I also love travel and make sure to go abroad at least once or twice a year, I find so much inspiration in being in new and unique places.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything”


The Experience

From beginning to end I am there with you every step of the way.  I am happy to help you determine your vision for your wedding photos and will make sure to capture all of the important stuff from your first look to your first kiss. My goal is to keep your day as smooth, stress free as possible and to make you cry happy tears when you see your photos. I offer a same week sneak peak and the overall turnaround time is only two weeks because I am just as excited to deliver you your photos as you are to see them. As your wedding photographer, my priority is to make sure you get all the shots that are important to you. My background in fashion photography makes me an expert poser and I have a keen sense of detail. Something I like to create with you that is unique to me and my services is a posing guide.  It’s exactly what it sounds like! You send me over some must have photos and I add some poses based on your style, that way we don’t miss anything! I offer an in advance venue walkthrough in which we can check out your venue together and pick the spots you don’t want to miss for photos. I’d say my best quality (other than my wedding photography of course) is my organization. I am happy to help you organize your day of schedule and make sure we leave time for everything. I am also adaptable, quick on my feet, and work well under time constraints and pressure.