Top 5 Tips for Brides | From a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Top 5 Tips for Brides

1) Take your time

Enjoy being engaged! Create a timeline for when you would like to complete certain tasks and give yourself enough time between tasks. This will really help keep stress levels down if you keep yourself to a (reasonable) schedule. Which leads us to tip number 2-

2) Prioritize – get the vendors that are most important to you first 

If you get the vendors that matter to you most, first, then you will have more of your budget you can direct to them and you won’t have to settle for less and regret your decision later. Also, the closer it gets to your wedding, the more likely vendors will already be booked! Waiting till the last minute for a vendor at the top of your list can lead to disappointment. When you know you want them, book them.

3) You can’t please everyone – focus on yourself

Your second cousin wants to invite a boyfriend they’ve been dating for two months? Tough. It is your big day, and you should only invite people that are just as excited about your wedding as you are. Without turning into a bridezilla, make sure your voice and opinions are being heard by those around you.

4) Give yourself more time to get ready than you think you need

When working on your day of schedule, add on at least an hour more of time to get ready than you think you need. You don’t want to be stressed about time when you’re getting ready, enjoy the pampering and time with the people around you! It is very common for ceremonies to start late, which messes up the rest of the days schedule (not to mention stressing you out) and it’s such an avoidable inconvenience.

5) Remember the most important part – it’s all about you and your fiance’s love

Even if the day has a few hiccups, you are still marrying the love of your life. Enjoy the time together during the planning and the day of your wedding. Everything will work out in the end and you’ll finally be married!!!

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